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Welcome to the FuchsInspiration and FDSupport Member Library! 

This site is for the members of the Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy groups called FuchsInspiration and FDSupport.  It supplies links to the educational material that we have accumulated for the help and support of our group members.  All information provided in this site, as well as the sites for which you find links provided herein, is NOT intended to take the place of the care    of a qualified fuchs' experienced eye professional.  DO NOT follow ANY of the "tips" or suggestions in these sites without the express permission and supervision of your professional eye dr.  This group, and these sites, are not responsible for any problems as a result of the information provided.


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Information for Members

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         Info. about fuchs'  and transplants,

          coping tips,  and much, much more! 


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